it used to work so good. clear picture. clear sound.

it used to get watched, by awe-struck eyes, for hours.

if a channel didn’t come in, a quick flick of the rabbit ears worked every time.

everything just worked again.


years went by though, and the picture started to fade.

the sound got a bit crackly.

the channels didn’t all come in so good, and now the rabbit ears needed a lot more adjusting before things just worked again.


more time ticked on, and there was no more picture.

the sound was just static.

the ants raced.

the channels were flipped through, over, and over, and over–just in case something came in clear enough to watch.


there was just static.

there was just noise.

there was nothing to watch–but, she kept flipping through the stations, hoping, maybe, something.



but, she still surfed.

still hoped, maybe.

still had an open mind that the picture would be bright, and the sound would be clear, again.

still just kept going.


more time.

still hope.

still surfing.

still nothing.


then, one day…she just turned it off.

she was done.

there was no point.

her hope was wasted for so long, her energy spent on a lost cause.



she was just done.

the television was unplugged and lugged to the garbage.

it had taken up so much space, for so long, while giving nothing back.

it was so easy, once it was turned off.

once it was turned off, there was no way it could come back on.

there was no temptation to flip through the channels.

there was nothing.

when it turned off, it was off.

just silence.

and calm.

and peace.


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