i started a war.

with my questions, with my concern, with my whispers; i started a war.

my years of silence had been the only thing that kept the bombs from dropping, until the vibrations from my quiet key taps, finally, set them all in motion. the bombs destroyed the charade of honesty. they decimated the perception of peace. they exploded in the face of the stories, which you had meticulously woven throughout the years.

the accusations of war become hurled at me through your snarled lips. you glare at me through the smoke. you charge through the debris toward me, yelling, questioning how i could do such a thing.


how could i start this war?

you warned me not to start this war. you told me not to start that war. you told me i would start a war.

you threatened me for years. telling me ‘this’ would happen.


your clenched teeth, and tight fists threaten something that i can’t see. i can’t see it, because it isn’t real.

there is nothing.

invisible soldiers, in non-existent trenches.

silent explosions, and gunfire the sound of a crickets chirp.


you think you are above me. that i’m an idiot. i know the war you say i started, began when the bombs rattled away your shell, exposing your deceptions.

the smoke, nothing but your confusion.

the only debris are your lies, in a dusty mess, all around your feet.


my silence was my biggest fault.

when i finally whispered, it was too loud.





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