there you go, fading fast, like a three a.m. dream, as i open my eyes.
smokey shadows dissipate into the moonlight.
as the haze clears, i vaguely remember where i am.

i’m here, because you were never there.

i try to care, but i can’t feel anything outside of the pain he inflicted on me.
the physical pain, from that dirty space, still leaves me red and bruised.
it felt so good, and he knew it.
the more i swore i hated it, the more he naturally loved it.
he always did love my pain.
and i always did love his dominance.

i feel his presence everywhere, as he occupies the longing in my soul.

the stale smell of smoke from earlier conversation still lingers in here, as the sirens race around, out there.
i don’t want to be up to see the light.

i curl my pale, back into his dark,
as i follow this dream back into our nightmare.


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