when you go there, i spend every day asking you if you’re mad at me.

maybe it’s narcissistic, but i don’t understand how it’s not me.

when you make nothing but accidental eye contact with me…

when i smile at you, and you just look away from me…

when you don’t speak to me until the fourth time i ask the same question…

when you don’t touch me unless it’s accidental–and then you apologize for doing so…

when you speak in monotone…

when you blame it all on work…


and again.

and again.

it just doesn’t make sense.

if it’s work, leave it there. complain and move on…that’s what we do.

but, instead, with how you treat me, and with what you blame it on, i don’t know how to feel like it’s not me.


i don’t understand how it’s you…because i can’t understand you.

and, you won’t talk to me to explain it.

all that makes me feel like is that that you think i’m too stupid to understand.

but, i am so smart. and so empathetic.

to be, constantly, lied to…and kept in the dark…

well, it’s so lonely.


you know just how to bring me right down with you. don’t you?



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