ya know…of all the things i miss the most, so far, in life–it’s your friendship.

i guess one might say that if that’s the most i miss–i’m lucky.

and, i agree, so deeply, that i am.


it’s really tough on me though–since i talk to you in my dreams so often.

it’s also tough on me, since i never got the closure i needed.


i don’t understand because i’m so open, and you’re so hidden.

so afraid of me.

it doesn’t really make any sense to me.

i just can’t understand.


before the end, we were the best.

and, when we were the best, we were so, incredibly, amazing.

that connection was everything.

our friendship got me through, and kept me laughing.


nothing has been the same since then.



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  1. Anytime I need inspiration I find you….somewhere….anywhere (wow, that sounds way more stalkerish than I mean it to)….this post is what I needed today….thank you. 🙂


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